Healing Hands PREP

Healing Hand PREP

At Healing Hands, we prioritize quality of care over quantity of patients or quantity of office visits. Each patient is treated as a unique and valued individual, with care and treatment plans that are carefully designed to achieve the best outcomes for each patient.

We also apply the principles of conservative therapy, described in our Mission Statement, when treating each patient, with the goals of improving an individual’s daily function while preventing unnecessary use of medications or going under the knife.

We are dedicated to providing ample time for patient care, ensuring that patients receive complete and proper treatment and do not feel rushed.

Treatment goals are oriented towards improving each patient’s condition as quickly as is practical and prudent given the circumstances. Treatments are designed to make the most of each office visit and avoid scheduling more visits than necessary. At Healing Hands, our aim is for patients to experience the most complete recovery possible from their conditions and maximize their quality of life.


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